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I am a things maker.

After a bachelor in graphic design, I got a master degree in art and visual communication.

I love images and objetcs, that’s why I decided to create a graphic studio, doing books, business cards, flyers, booklets, etc.

Meanwhile, I continued to work on my art projects.

Wandering and accumulating ordinary things, banalities to transform them into the infra-ordinary.
Collecting is the basis of my work, memory is my principal concern. I seek to revive those elements which have been neglected and sometimes forgotten.
I want to repair the lost trace through re-appropriation, give those elements another means of existing, of circulating in the world.
My work is like a loop; one element leads ceaselessly to another, from one thought to another.
An endless chain.

In 2020, I decided to match my art work with my love for ceramic, creating handbuilt pottery and porcelain jewelry.
To create unique objects, I am always inspired by my surroundings and my travels. From these, I remember the color of the Greek lands, the Asian ceramic shapes or South American jewelry… Mixed with my artistic universe and my technique, my inspirations turn my ceramics and jewelry into special creations.
Focused on quality and authenticity, I mainly create unique pieces.

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Graphic design clients
Embassy of Haïti in Berlin (DE)
Montaser Abou Saadah
Edouard Boucher
Paul Collins

Graphic design collaborations
Marcos Morales
Camille Vignaud
Stanislava Pinchuk
Amélie Pichard


Collective art exhibition
_ Silent cities, 2020, Rome, Italy
_ Absence, 2018, London, England
_ Mulhouse 017, Biennale, 2017, Mulhouse, France
_ Le silence n'est pas la simple absence de bruit, 2017, Caen France
_ À suivre... 2016, 2016, Caen, France
_ gefrorene tränen, 2015, Caen, France
_ Ed van der Elsken, 2013, Rennes, France

Personal art exhibition
_ Au dela, 2018, Berlin, Germany